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Exceptional Client Experience

Scheduled, meaningful contact through:

  • Monthly outreach
  • Quarterly portfolio reviews and market updates
  • Bi-annual in-depth planning meetings

We actively solicit feedback and are constantly improving on our promise to deliver a clearly superior alternative to traditional Advisor/Client relationships.

We understand that the best way to grow our practice is by fulfilling our promise of an Exceptional Client Experience. In a recent survey, we found that over 90% of our clients rate themselves at the highest satisfaction level of Advocacy, meaning they actively recommend and promote our practice to others. Personal introductions by existing clients is the primary source of new client relationships.
Everyone’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment expectations are different. We judge success by how well your investments meet your expectations, and assumptions used in your written financial plan. Simply put, our objective is underpromise and overdeliver.
We combine subject matter expertise in areas related to financial planning, risk management and investment (as they relate to your individual goals) and present intelligible and actionable information to help you make informed decisions.
The financial planning process we use (as prescribed by the College for Financial Planning®) is an objective process that combines known facts with astute assumptions to determine potential future outcomes of decisions we make today. Unlike most financial planning and investment companies/Advisors, we use cash-flow planning (not just simple goal-based planning) to quantify the impact of potential options we are considering to determine the course that provides the most benefit to you.
Our policy is simple: No surprises, ever! That being said, price is what you pay, value is what you receive. We define value as realizing a comparable or greater net return to a mutually agreed upon benchmark, but in a manner that is more consistent with your unique risk tolerance and expectations. We cater to those who seek a 5 Star experience at a 4 Star price. There are cheaper alternatives - providing the best value is our commitment to you.
Timely, knowledgeable, pro-active and on-going advice is how we win and maintain your trust.
At Clever, your Advisor is your sole point of contact and personally accountable to you with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by phone, email, or text.
Our clients are friends we treat like family, and it shows.
Plan, Invest, Succeed is more than our motto, it is our passion. Our proprietary Clever CFO: Complete Financial Organization® technology makes your financial plan effortlessly accessible, shareable, and the most accurate through automatic updates in real time.
Planning that extends beyond your personal needs and delivers on your goals for others. This includes the efficient and timely distribution of your assets to your intended beneficiary, and if structured properly, bypassing probate and estate processes.
Although we are experienced in matters such as taxes and legal considerations related to your investments and finances, we are not in and do not engage in the business of providing legal or tax advice, but we will coordinate with your advisors in these fields or provide references for these services when necessary.

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